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*Pad SDK
Fluid Inking
Music Notepad
ReMarkable Texts
We want computer interaction to be as fluid as interacting with pencil and paper. In support of that goal, we are investigating rich 2D pen and multi-touch input that avoids translating familiar 2D notations into linear keyboard input and indirect GUI interaction. Our techniques will facilitate the broader use of well-honed physical skills to work naturally and directly on 2D surfaces, ranging from PDAs through Tablet PCs to SmartBoards. We expect that this strategy will result not only in productivity increases, but also in the discovery of new workflow paradigms. In this new environment, diagrams and recognized notations of various kinds, such as mathematics and chemistry, are unified to create rich media, making computational assistance seamless and commonplace.

We intend for this website to reflect the work of the Microsoft Center for Research on Pen-Centric Computing in support of these goals and to serve both as a community forum and as a portal for resources and information about pen-centric computing, including:

  • applications
  • institutions
  • people
  • practices
  • publications
  • research

We welcome contributions and suggestions for how we can best serve the community, including website improvements in terms of content, information structure, and design. In the future we will be providing both a WIKI and a mailing list to support interactive communication. In the meantime, please send comments, contributions, and questions to:


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